Blenders are definitely an essential device in any modern kitchen where nutrition, health, and deliciousness is the main focus. Appliances such as the BlenderX CORDLESS HOME PORTABLE & TRAVEL Blender provide an effortless way to create shakes, smoothies, dips, soups, baby foods and purées, with a simple touch of a button.

Having a portable blender in your luggage gives provides you with the choice of creating the meals that you and your family appreciate and enjoy.

This BlenderX CORDLESS HOME, PORTABLE & TRAVEL Blender is created around having easy to use controls and being user-friendly. To utilize this blender, fill the container, lock and secure it in place, and simply press the front button. It consists of a handy lid so that you can even drink straight from the container without having to dirty glass.


Best Camping Bender 2021


  • Portable blender
  • Battery operated machine
  • Large 20 oz container
  • Non-slip rubber feet
  • Durable stainless steel blades


Portable blender

This is a portable blender that pulverizes and mixes standard ice cubes and hard ingredients like no other portable appliance on the market. It is much more powerful than most USB blenders.

The BlenderX is also one of the few compact blenders that can pulverize and blend ice cubes. The OYeet Personal Blender for Shakes can also be purchased with this appliance.


Battery operated machine

This blender is also as powerful as many countertop blenders. You can even get rid of the mini ice cube trays that come with these USB blenders.

Portable blender

The main benefit and function of the modern and convenient BlenderX is that it is battery operated and you don’t have to plug it in to make use of it.

This BlenderX consists of a fixed battery which means it can’t be swapped out or removed. However, it is covered by its extensive warranty.


Large 20 oz container

The large 20 oz container creates multiple beverages per blend. The battery lasts for approximately 20-30 uses depending on the type of ingredients you mix. This adds up to about 40 to 60 servings which is greater than any other personal blender.

Large 20 oz container

Once the battery is low, it requires approximately 3.5 hours to fully recharge. Moreover, you can still utilize the appliance while it is being charged unlike others. If the device fails to function, it is usually related to the motor.

Purchasers have reported receiving damaged or broken blenders that would lose a charge swifter than expected, or the motor would simply stop running while active.


Non-slip rubber feet

The blender contains a convenient travel bag to take on the go. The BlenderX CORDLESS HOME, PORTABLE & TRAVEL Blender’s stainless steel design is sleek, modern yet relatively lightweight.

Its motor-base consists of non-slip rubber feet to eliminate moving when blending. The base of this blender is fairly heavy, so you will have to figure out a way to utilize it on the go.

Also, it contains more of a traditional power adapter that should only be plugged into an outlet. The battery capacity of this device is relatively high though, and you can easily utilize it for days on a single charge.


Durable stainless steel blades

Another main advantage to the ModernComfort BlenderX is its durable stainless steel blades. These are highly functional, durable blades. This integrated with its powerful motor make effortless work of pulverizing standard size ice cubes.

Durable stainless steel blades

Many individuals felt that it was much more powerful than other USB appliances and could even break down ice without any issues. The company has ideal customer service as well as warranties, so when purchasers did have problems with the blender, many could get a new device that worked well.

Pros & Cons

  • On-the-go travel lid
  • Large 20 oz jar
  • Convenient stylish travel bag
  • Stainless steel blades
  • Some complaints of poor battery life



This BlenderX CORDLESS HOME, PORTABLE & TRAVEL Blender received a great amount of positive comments. People utilized it at the office, home, and even at school and enjoyed the effortless utilization.

The design is sleek and simple to operate with a touch button that rotates the blades. Unlike other portable appliances, the manufacturer claims that the device will pulverize ice and many other ingredients.

It is ideal for smaller, swift drinks, and you can easily keep up my healthy regime even when super busy.

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