COOCHEER 1800W Blender Review

COOCHEER 1800W Blender Review

Whether you are going out, enjoying a nice day in the sun or watching the rain fall outside your window, a beverage created with healthy contents will definitely boost to your immunity and will provide a source of energy.

But the issue comes when you have to get up and go through all the effort required to make one. And to essentially save you from this, we have gone through many blenders, and have brought you the wonderful COOCHEER 1800W Blender invention.

COOCHEER 1800W Blender Review
COOCHEER 1800W Blender Review

COOCHEER 1800W Smoothie Blender Overview


  • 1800 Watts power
  • 6 Stainless steel blades
  • Four anti-slip feet design
  • 6-Speed selection and 3 preprogrammed selections
  • Self-cleaning feature with BPA free Tritan jar
  • Included tamper

1800 Watts power

The smoothie blender working swifter and smoother for the 1800 watts power. This one appliance acts as a nuts and coffee grinder, juicer, and ice smoothie’s device for multiple utilization.

We essentially drink a smoothie to achieve optimum health benefits. Hence, your contents should not go through any damage during mixing. This job is perfectly done by the COOCHEER 1800W Blender.

6 Stainless steel blades

This appliance can be utilized for various purposes like to create delicious smoothies, and you can even make soups in it. This is an ideal device for daily sauces, family meals, healthy diets, and much more.

6 stainless steel blades

The 6 stainless steel blades break cell walls of ingredients effortlessly, releasing more nutrition in merely seconds. The stainless base enables you to complete any beverage and still be brand new after utilizing it for years.

Four anti-slip feet design

The four anti-slip feet design minimizes slip effectively. The cup-off and lid-off offer a safe operation. The Mueller Austria Ultra-Stick 500 Watt can also be purchased with this blender.

Four anti-slip feet design

The high-speed pulverizing blades assist you in cutting through the most difficult materials to create a soft liquid. You can liquefy hard contents like apples and pulverize ice effectively and efficiently.


6-Speed selection and 3 preprogrammed selections

The blender consists of an effortlessly adjustable 6-speed selection and 3 preprogrammed selections to achieve a range of textures.

Blender Smoothie Maker, COOCHEER 1800W Blender for Shakes and Smoothies with High-Speed Professional Stainless Countertop

It can also assist to achieve versatile mixing features such as salad, juices, smoothies, shakes, emulsify sauces, cream, blend frozen treats, heat soup, grind coffee and nuts, make baby food, mix batter for cakes and cookies.

With its adequate motor and specially created stainless steel blades, it allows you to make ice and frozen fruit into delicious sorbet, smoothies as well as ice cream.

Self-cleaning feature with BPA free Tritan jar

The BPA free Tritan container’s self-cleaning feature enables you to clean after uses simple and conveniently.

You can easily activate the appliance and place it on medium speed and blend it for a minute. Just rotate the button to the “P” position after pouring warm water and a dishwashing detergent in the pitcher, and the blender can clean itself.

Ice crushing power is relatively crucial in making a blender the best amongst all, since this is what most people expect and this COOCHEER 1800W Blender definitely does this job very efficiently.

Included tamper

Most blenders are designed from some kind of plastic. This one is designed from stainless steel, maximizing its durability while providing it with a shiny silver look. This blender includes the 2L Tritan container, motor base, user manual, scraper shovel and a tamper.

The included tamper can you’re your beverages smoother and much more delicious. They also provide a 2 year replacement or refund and 24/7 customer service.

Pros & Cons

  • Adjustable 6-speed control
  • Self-cleaning function
  • Lid-off and cup-off feature
  • 3 Pre-programmed settings
  • Fairly loud blender


Nowadays, as individuals become more health-conscious and go to the gym more frequently, the requirement for higher protein ingredients in our diet grows. Aside from the usual protein powder, people require blenders to dissolve it and add additional ingredients to make the blend more nutritious and tastier.

This COOCHEER 1800W Blender is an ideal solution to individuals who wants to eat healthy but is living busy lives.

The design of the blender is fairly simple; it works extremely well with speed controls that allow you to select the texture of your blend. Thanks to its relatively high volume, this appliance is definitely for the whole family.

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