OMMO 1800w Blender

OMMO 1800w Blender Review

There are a range of blenders with various quality and costs, so it will be fairly difficult to find the perfect one. Also, you will think that it’s extremely difficult to locate the handiest appliance that suits your requirements since you have to consider the features, size, weight, speed, and many more. Therefore, we are bringing you the OMMO 1800w Blender in today’s review.

This is an ideal blender from a well-known brand and is known for their high-quality appliances offered to the buyers, so if you are searching for a valuable blender for smoothies without breaking the bank for it, then we would recommend this one.

OMMO 1800w Blender

OMMO Blender Review


  • Nutrient and vitamin extraction
  • 7 Pre-programmed settings
  • Overheat protection and smooth ventilation system
  • Anti-slip suction feet
  • BPA-free and food-grade material


Nutrient and vitamin extraction

The OMMO 1800w Blender has the power to pulverize through fruits and vegetables, as well as ice in just seconds.

The nutrient and vitamin extraction provide ideal tasting, nutritious beverages and the IKICH Juicer Machines 2 Speed Slow Masticating Juicer is also perfect with this device. This appliance can pulverize through hard ingredients effortlessly.


7 Pre-programmed settings

The versatile kitchen blender has a 9 speed selection and 7 pre-programmed selections to meet your blending requirements, such as making cream, pulverizing ice or frozen contents, grinding coffee beans and nuts, making salads, heating up soup and so on.

7 pre-programmed settings

With six edges blenders, it can deal with the most difficult contents and this appliance allows you to pulverize quicker and mix ingredients to a smooth consistency more than other blenders.


Overheat protection and smooth ventilation system

With 6 blades blenders, it can easily handle the most difficult ingredients, and this blender allows you to pulverize ice faster, and blend contents smoother than other single serve blenders.

It is definitely a full-size appliance, so keep that in mind when buying it as you will require counter space or adequate storage for this device.

It works perfectly for smoothies too, which is the main purchase for this blender. As long as you have the proper ratio of solids to liquids in your container, it will blend an ideal smoothie in less than 20 seconds.


Anti-slip suction feet

The OMMO 1800w Blender is a great home device for your convenience, as it has features to help you take your nutrition blend to the next level.

The blender is BPA Free and built to last, with an effortless to hold handle. This countertop blenders base is also fitted with anti-slip suction feet, so you can blend ingredients safely on your kitchen countertop.

The 68 oz blender is ideal for family and commercial utilization. Moreover, the amazing engine, with a smooth ventilation framework, solid warmth dispersal and overheat assurance, can ceaselessly be utilized.


BPA-free and food-grade material

All materials of this OMMO 1800w Blender are BPA-free, with food-grade material. You can also utilize a drop of dish soap and warm water, and activate your blender’s self-cleaning function, and the device will self-clean in 30-60 seconds.

BPA-free and food-grade material

You can also clean the motor base with a damp cloth and this blender is created to last longer, as it consists of valuable functions and powerful components.

Unlike other quiet blenders the blender has a low-noise built in motor and has 1800w blinding power to create smoothies and other nutritional extractions and it is created in a way that allows for the dissipation of heat.

Pros & Cons

  • Built to last and easy-to-hold handle
  • Can clean itself in 30 to 60 seconds
  • BPA Free jar is built to last
  • Smooth ventilation system
  • Some complaints of blade being inadequate



Overall, the OMMO 1800w Blender is extremely sturdy and durable with ideal blending power, effortless to clean and easy to utilize.

All materials utilized on this blender are all food-graded BPA-free and safe to utilize for food preparations.  The base of the blender also includes anti-slip suction feet that provide safe use on the countertop.

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