Oster Blend Active Portable Blender Review

Oster Blend Active Portable Blender Review

You blend, remove the jar, snap on the lid, and you have a healthy smoothie to take along and this Oster Blend Active Portable Blender is perfect for campers, hikers, and outdoor adventure seekers.

The one disadvantage is that they mostly cater to one portion, so unless you purchase additional containers, you are limited to a single serving.

Oster Blend Active Portable Blender
Oster Blend Active Portable Blender

Oster Portable Blender with Drinking Lid Overview


  • USB-chargeable battery
  • Stainless steel blade
  • Sleek silicone sleeve with nonslip grip
  • Intuitive one-touch controls


USB-chargeable battery

The Oster Blend Active Portable Blender makes smooth, nutritious drinks anytime, anywhere, with a USB-chargeable battery so you can charge it on the go, at home, work, or while traveling.

Oster Blend Active Portable Blender

The battery lasts for 10 blended drinks, and the sleek, small blender leaves you plenty of countertop room.

This is a well-priced portable blender, perfect for a single serving. The grey color is stylish and will make a cool gift for a young person starting their own home.


Stainless steel blade

To utilize this blender, you fill it with fruits, veggies, and other ingredients of your choice like nuts and grains. Select your setting, turn on, and the blades work at high speeds to chop up the ingredients.

The personal blender has a stainless steel blade that blends nutritional powders and supplements without clumping; slices effortlessly through frozen fruit such as berries and is the perfect blender for softer fruits in blended drinks and smoothies.

For traveling, it will fit effortlessly into a case or backpack and the stainless steel blades may crush ice, but we wouldn’t push it too far with hard ingredients.


Sleek silicone sleeve with nonslip grip

You can blend right into the 10-oz. BPA-free and odor-resistant Tritan cup and the sleek silicone sleeve has a nonslip grip, so you can easily carry to school, the gym, or the park, and the separate drinking lid makes it easy to sip on the go.

silicon sleeve with nonslip grip

The Oster Blend Active Portable Blender is ideal for traveling with a USB recharge feature, light and easy to use and you may want to leave the ice cube holder at home and pack the blender.

We also found that this models is excellent for blending smoothies, baby food, salad dressings, and thicker juices. Although it says that it can crush ice, we would probably not utilize it for this.


Intuitive one-touch controls

You can make a refreshing juice or blend to help start the day and power up and hit the park with a smoothie blended at your desk.  These USB Chargeable Personal Blenders is simple to utilize, with intuitive one-touch controls and the magnetic safety design ensures the blades only run when the lid is on.

This is a lightweight, trendy, fun, and super cool blender and is perfect to use at the gym, office, or to take along on the weekend away.

Pros & Cons

  • Battery lasts for 10 blended drinks
  • 10-oz. BPA-free and odor-resistant Tritan cup
  • Blender is easy to use
  • Magnetic safety design
  • Because it’s small the power is limited



A blender is a kitchen device that will mix, crush, blend, stir, grind, liquefy, chop, grate, and more. Oster blenders are perfect for making nutritious, healthy drinks, milkshakes, and smoothies. Blending can cover a variety of ingredients from soft fruits to hard nuts as well as ice.

You need to decide on what you are planning on blending when away from home and this Oster Blend Active Portable Blender is on the cutting edge of portable blending, and is also unbeatable for folks who like luxury products.

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