Vitamix ONE Blender Review

Creating your own blended beverage at home can be fun, and it’s effortless, too with the proper blender like the Vitamix ONE. From milkshakes to smoothies to blended drinks, you can control all of the contents, from the vegetables, to the milk, as well as the healthy supplements.

When selecting a blender, you should remember that some devices will provide you with a polished finish and ideal performance, but will be less convenient compared to other premium ones. Clearly, purchasing the best blender will not just include preference, but also of requirement and budget, which is why the Vitamix ONE will be the ideal selection for you.

Vitamix ONE Blender

Best Vitamix ONE Blender to Buy


  • Rotary dial selections
  • Variable speed selection
  • 32 oz. Tritan BPA-free jar
  • Low-profile container
  • Perfect space-saver
  • Removable centering pad

Rotary dial selections

The Vitamix ONE is perfect if you’re tight on space, but don’t really want to compromise on performance and features. The rotary dial selections are effortless to utilize (for low, high, and pulse) and the streamlined design will not take up much space in your kitchen.

Rotary dial selections

There’s no actual pulse feature, however, you can still do pulse mixing for chunky recipes. You can also easily turn the dial from off to lowest speed, and so on until you get the perfect consistency.

Variable speed selection

This blender creates amazing dips, smoothies, frozen desserts sauces, and much more. It is not recommended for super-thick nut butters or hot soups.

Now, this effortless to use dial can be utilized as the power switch as well as variable speed selection. So, before activating your blender, ensure to point the dial at “O.”

While this appliance doesn’t have the fanciest technology integrated with some of Vitamix’s other appliances, it’s a solid selection if you require a minimalist device that is ultra-reliable.

32 oz. Tritan BPA-free jar

This is a 32 oz. Tritan BPA-free jar with ergonomic handle and the Vitamix ONE Blender is not currently compatible with other Vitamix jars.

Short of cleaning your home there’s nothing the amazing Vitamix can’t do. With pro-quality accuracy and control, it can easily create everything from perfectly smooth beverages in seconds.

The Vitamix ONE is a great selection for individuals and small families, as it is created to blend smaller quantities.

Low-profile container

The powerful motor effortlessly breaks down frozen fruit, hard veggies, and more. The Vitamix ONE 1450W Blender is an excellent smoothie maker and the eight speed selections can swiftly mix and pulverize fruits, nuts, frozen desserts, ice, veggies, etc.

We appreciate the low-profile container since it’s extremely effortless to fit under kitchen cabinets — which is certainly a big improvement over the brand’s previous container design.


Perfect space-saver

One simple dial can do it all. For ideal results, start the appliance, and then swiftly ramp it to high. Most essentially, this appliance is 40% smaller than other Vitamix devices, making it the perfect space-saver (excluding the immersion blender). It’s also extremely simple to utilize since it only consists of one dial and no buttons.

Perfect space-saver

This appliance has been an ideal addition to thousands of homes over the years, and its rugged durability and simplicity is certainly favored among individuals who appreciate compact designs and high-quality.

Removable centering pad

The tamper gets difficult blends moving by pushing contents into the blades. You can also eliminate the centering pad for effortless cleaning when there are unwanted beverage spills.

Simultaneously, the motor base will only need a simple wiping. The Vitamix Classic Tamper and the Vitamix Blade Scraper Accessory can also be purchased with this blender.

Pros & Cons

  • Ergonomic handle
  • Powerful motor
  • Self-cleaning function
  • Streamlined design
  • Blender is not dishwasher safe


If you require blender that can resist the pressure of mixing your contents, the Vitamix ONE blender is your best bet. Some blenders may not be extremely sturdy and they tend to shake and move while being utilized. However, this perfect blender is an exemption.

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