VOVOLY 2200W Professional Blender Review

VOVOLY 2200W Professional Blender Review

The VOVOLY 2200W Professional Blender is one of the best smoothie blenders with high-quality functions and essential components, durable and powerful enough to handle any hard or the toughest contents like coffee, nuts, and many more.

This is an ideal blender from an excellent brand  popular for their high-quality appliances provided to the buyers, so if you are searching for a valuable blender for beverages without breaking the bank, then we would without a doubt recommend this one.

VOVOLY 2200W Professional Blender
VOVOLY 2200W Professional Blender Review

VOVOLY Countertop Blender Overview


  • Precise container design
  • 6-Leaf Japanese stainless steel cutter
  • 2200W power motor
  • Time controlling
  • 68-Ounces container pitcher
  • Thermal-protection system


Precise container design

This 2200 watt countertop blender blends frozen ingredients; heavy powders, greens, and the motor transform hard contents into smooth consistencies, year after year.

Every angle of the container is created to fold contents back to the blades for swifter, smoother mixes. You can definitely create any meal in this one appliance.

This is a top quality device that certainly has some power behind it and it is also extremely effortless to clean.

6-Leaf Japanese stainless steel cutter

This VOVOLY blender is definitely the perfect blender, ideal for creating big batches of frozen, creamy beverages and smoothies for your whole family. It is also excellent for large batches of tasty daiquiris and margaritas.

6-leaf Japanese stainless steel cutter

The blades are created to handle the hardest ingredients and from the first blend to the last, you can achieve quality results, and the blades are also resistant to bending or dulling.

2200W power motor

Thanks to the powerful motor and optimum cutter, the blades reach speeds swiftly enough to allow for friction heat, bring cold contents to steaming hot in approximately 6 minutes.

The 2200W power motor and robust stainless-steel blade, makes pulverizing ice swifter and blend contents smoother, and is also designed to last with this premium motor.

The WantJoin Professional Blender is frequently purchased with this appliance.

Time controlling

This VOVOLY 2200W Professional Blender automatically stops when the set time has been reached. And you could easily move to another room if you want to escape the noise.

Time controlling

The Vovoly is a fairly versatile kitchen countertop blender, ideal for normal and commercial utilization and perfect for kitchen food processing.

It is fitted with a great speed selection and effortless to utilize control system, for a range of smoothies, ice, frozen foods, shakes, and much more.

68-0unces container pitcher

You can easily adjust the speed during mixing to achieve a range of textures, or utilize the pulse function to create swift bursts of power. You can also blend dishwashing detergent and warm water at your device’s highest speed, and allow it to self-clean for 30 to 60 seconds.

68-ounces container pitcher

The 68-ounces container pitcher included is designed from health-grade Tritan, and is BPA free from harmful agents. The pitcher is created to be long-lasting, so it’s odorless, thicker, shatter-proof, break-proof, leak-proof, as well as high-temperature resistant.

It is effortless to clean and can be placed in the dishwasher and the blender contains a self cleaning feature, if you don’t want to place it in the dishwasher.

Thermal-protection system

The overlapping with the two parts is deepened to fix the jar better while active. It also has a sensor for detecting if the jar is at the proper position, otherwise the appliance stops functioning automatically.

The mounted rubber components allow the blender to be quieter when in use, so the motor won’t make much noise, and it’s even quieter than many other appliances with a similar wattage.

The built-in motor created with a Thermal-protection system that prohibits it from overheating.

Pros & Cons

  • Blade friction heating
  • Pure copper motor
  • Variable speed and pulse
  • Sensor function
  • N/A


The VOVOLY 2200W Professional Blender is one of the exceptional countertop blenders with high-quality features, an ideal blender for both normal use, kitchen use, as well as commercial use.

The overall quality of the Vovovly blender is excellent,  and it’s one of the most efficient and effective blenders for beverages on the market right now, plus it is a versatile blender that allows you to do everything from creating sauces, smoothies, flour, soups, juice, pulverize ice and frozen foods, coffee and much more.

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